A Tool for Getting Credit

'I Trust You' in Scrabble Lettering
March 30, 2021
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I signed up for Soberlink to reassure family members that I wasn't up to my old sneaking habits. I figured if I was going to quit, I at least wanted credit for my progress instead of being subject to lingering and well-founded suspicions. It worked just as I hoped, as I watched my loved ones appear instantly more relaxed around me. I could tell that my consistent monitoring trickled down to a broader social circle, ensuring that I was verifiably sober.

But Soberlink had another benefit I didn't see coming. It seemed to hamstring my cravings before they could even start. A little thought of weakness might have snowballed into a full-on craving in the past, but with Soberlink, my thoughts immediately fixated on the reality of a failed test and consequences that would follow. Somehow, this took the wind out of the whole temptation. The "negotiation thoughts" couldn't even make their fiendish case as I knew sneaking would mean instant regret.

Soberlink never felt like a punishment, more like a tool for getting credit and rebuilding people's faith in my sobriety.

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