5 New Ways to Use Soberlink You May Not Have Thought Of

5 New Ways to Use Soberlink Device
February 22, 2023
|   Updated:
October 26, 2023

As a treatment professional, helping those in recovery sustain sobriety is a challenging yet rewarding part of the job. Leveraging your credentials and knowledge of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) allows you to be a positive pillar in a client's recovery journey as you help them to find ways to navigate their chronic disease.

Trusted by thousands of treatment professionals, Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring system is an excellent and effective tool to keep in your rolodex of resources for clients struggling with AUD. Known to improve recovery outcomes and increase client accountability, Soberlink has successfully helped countless individuals get and stay sober.

With various ways to implement this system into a client's treatment plan, Soberlink’s innovative technology can positively affect your client’s sobriety in unique ways beyond traditional inpatient care.

What is Soberlink?

A specialist explaining what Soberlink is

For those unfamiliar with Soberlink, it is a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system that aims to help individuals in recovery sustain sobriety through increased accountability.

More than just a remote breathalyzer, Soberlink utilizes a scheduled testing format with results sent directly to a client's Recovery Circle in real-time. Using data analysis, Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting displays information in an easy-to-read format that is universally familiar. Green marks resemble Compliant Tests, yellow indicates Missed, and red is Non-Compliant. All of these can be seen at-a-glance in a daily, weekly, or monthly format and shared with treatment professionals, and others in a client's Recovery Circle, like friends, family, or other clinicians.

With its state-of-the-art technology, including adaptive facial recognition, robust tamper detection, and Advanced Reporting capabilities, Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring system is safe, discrete, and provides an honest record of a client’s alcohol usage.

5 New Ways to Use Soberlink You May Not Have Thought Of

Soberlink is an adaptive tool making it effective for different types of clients with varying levels of alcohol addiction. However, it is not just for clients diagnosed with AUD and can be used in many different scenarios.

While Soberlink remains an excellent resource while an individual is going through an organized rehabilitation program, it also has many different uses for your clients that you may not have considered.

Below are five unique ways for you to use Soberlink in your practice.

1. Use Soberlink as an Aftercare Tool

A treatment specialist videochatting and using Soberlink as an aftercare tool

As a treatment professional, you understand how crucial it is for a client to have an aftercare plan once they finish treatment, whether inpatient or outpatient. As you know, with an aftercare plan, long-term sobriety is likely.

Soberlink is an excellent tool to suggest to your clients who need help adjusting to life again post-treatment. As they leave the “treatment bubble,” knowing how to reintegrate into everyday life can be daunting. Soberlink’s remote breathalyzer is an effective way to help them stay accountable post-treatment. 

The system’s scheduling features offer clients a sense of routine, while the sharing capabilities can keep them accountable to those in their Recovery Circle. Additionally, it allows you to stay connected to clients post-treatment. For example, in the event of a slip or relapse, you can work with your client to help modify the current treatment plan and increase support.

2. Stay Committed to Recovery While Living in Sober Living Homes

For those clients who enroll in sober living homes to help manage their addiction, Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring system helps them to stay connected when they receive day passes and weekend passes that allow them extended periods away.

Considering leaving a sober living home can be triggering for clients, and possibly anxiety-inducing for those in their Support Circle, Soberlink can help increase transparency so they stay on track during leave. In these instances, Soberlink can help promote peace of mind and rebuild trust for those in a client's Recovery Circle while maintaining your client’s sense of autonomy.

Allowing you to watch your clients progress in a different environment, Soberlink’s system can help you better understand where your client stands in their alcohol recovery. This additionally allows you, the treatment professional, to see where and how you can better serve your client in similar situations in the future.

3. Travel with Soberlink

A woman sitting at an airport drinking a coffee while checking her Soberlink app on phone

If your client is someone who often travels for work or has a big trip/vacation coming up that is causing them stress, Soberlink makes an excellent travel companion for those aiming to stay sober and connected to a treatment professional when traveling.

The alcohol testing device is small and discrete so, if discretion is important, your client can keep the remote breathalyzer in their pocket or purse without anyone knowing what they have with them.

Additionally, you can help your client schedule tests around possible triggers, like a company dinner or a family wedding where alcohol is present, to help them feel supported during this time.

Soberlink provides its users and those in their Recovery Circle peace of mind when the monitoring individual’s routine is disturbed, such as traveling. It allows you, the treatment professional, to stay connected and informed of your clients’ usage in a situation that could cause a slip or relapse, allowing you to create a plan to prevent it.

4. Soberlink as an Alternative to Inpatient Treatment

Though Soberlink is often used during treatment, it also makes an excellent tool for those clients who choose to forgo traditional rehabilitation and instead opt for a Sober Coach or Sober Living Companion.

If you are a Sober Coach or looking to become one, utilizing Soberlink with your client will help build trust between the two of you while also helping an individual practice accountability. Additionally, it can help you establish structure and routine in your client’s life. All these things are done in formal treatment centers, and Soberlink allows you to emulate these core principles as a Sober Coach.

By utilizing Soberlink you can add value to your client’s treatment plan with structure, accountability, and motivation through this unique system. 

5. Maintain Relationships with Soberlink

Talking during a family gathering and maintaining relationships

Soberlink is not just for those who work with clients struggling with AUD– it also is an excellent tool for counselors looking to help clients rebuild trust in their relationships. If you are a marriage or family therapist or counselor, Soberlink may be valuable to your practice.

Soberlink’s sharing capabilities and real-time results allow clients to rebuild trust in their marriage or other meaningful relationships. With an emphasis on accountability and progress over perfection, Soberlink can help your clients mend damaged relationships due to chronic alcohol addiction.

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