Alcohol Monitoring Made Easy: How Soberlink is Discreet and Convenient

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November 17, 2020
|   Updated:
August 13, 2023

Technology is an integral part of today’s society, making the most minuscule to the most extraordinary tasks easy, efficient, and manageable. From apps to Telehealth services, it’s used to improve lives in various industries, and Addiction Recovery is no exception. With less than 10% of people diagnosed with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in the US receiving treatment, technology has helped streamline the recovery process for many struggling individuals. A comprehensive remote alcohol monitoring system designed for ease-of-use, Soberlink combines a breathalyzer with wireless connectivity to document sobriety in real-time. Using Soberlink in both the sober living and recovery coaching programs at The Lighthouse in Connecticut, Executive Director Cini Shaw shares how Soberlink is discreet and convenient for individuals in recovery and how it makes alcohol monitoring easy for Treatment Providers.

Discreet Device Sizes for Individuals in Recovery

Cellular and Connect Devices

With their compact size, Soberlink’s Cellular and Connect Devices are easy to store and carry around, allowing individuals to discreetly test on the go. The first of its kind, Cellular is an all-in-one device that sends tests directly from the device using a cellular connection. Alternatively, the Connect Device pairs to an Apple or Android smartphone to send tests using WiFi or cellular connection, allowing clients more testing autonomy. The Soberlink Connect Device is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, making it the more popular of the two devices. “Soberlink isn’t something you have to lug around with you; it’s no bigger than a cell phone. That’s easy,” Shaw says.

Convenient Testing Schedules for Individuals in Recovery

Providing flexible testing times based on what is best for the individual, Soberlink is designed to be a convenient recovery tool - not a hindrance. For example, if someone wakes up at five o’clock in the morning to go to work, they can collaborate with their Lighthouse Recovery Coach to ensure their first test of the day occurs prior to that. The Lighthouse and hundreds of other Treatment Providers generally have clients test three times per day: first thing in the morning, midday, and before bed in a way that seamlessly fits their day-to-day.

Customizable to fit a variety of schedules, Soberlink also provides reminders to an individual’s cell phone as an extra reminder of their scheduled test. Soberlink works like a calendar notification to cue clients when to take their test, making it extremely convenient for them to remain accountable in their sobriety journey. Meeting individuals exactly where they’re at in recovery, Soberlink’s testing protocol can be increased if there’s a higher risk of relapse or if one occurs. “If a person does drink, the assumption is always that they're doing what they know how to do. That's their solution, and we've missed something along the way,” Shaw says. “In response, we try to offer more support, which is always the goal, and then as they're more successful, we can scale things back a bit.”

Soberlink Features That Make Alcohol Monitoring Easy for Treatment Providers

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Discreet and convenient for individuals in recovery to incorporate into their daily lives, Soberlink also makes alcohol monitoring easy for Treatment Professionals because it features advanced facial recognition and provides real-time test results.

Advanced Facial Recognition

The only system used in Addiction Treatment to include built-in Adaptive Facial Recognition, Soberlink uses innovative technology to verify the client’s identity during each test and provide alerts if the identity cannot be confirmed. “The facial recognition is huge. Individuals can't get their roommate or someone else to submit a Soberlink test for them,” Shaw says. This revolutionary feature makes it easy for Treatment Providers to confirm the integrity of each test conveniently and efficiently while protecting their clients' sobriety. “The bottom line is that I know Soberlink is an accurate measure of someone's BAC,” Shaw says. That means that if alcohol appears in the system, Shaw meets with the client to put additional safeguards in place. Personalizing the recovery journey, Soberlink allows clinicians and support communities to further refine an individual's treatment plan and achieve the desired continuum of care.

Real-Time Results

With professional-grade alcohol detection, tamper-resistant sensors, and advanced facial recognition, Soberlink sends reliable test results to Treatment Professionals in real-time. Wirelessly connected to a cloud-based portal, Soberlink provides a seamless alcohol monitoring solution that allows Treatment Professionals to easily maintain a pulse on an individual's progress remotely. “Soberlink gives us the information we would otherwise not have and helps us increase services or coaching as we see fit,” Shaw explains.

Harvard Professor of Psychiatry in Addiction Medicine, Dr. John F. Kelly, speaks to the importance of this human connection in recovery. “People power is key,” he shares at the National Service Recovery Forum. “[People] are extremely potent, powerful mobilizers of behavior change and make environments that are conducive and supportive to long-term recovery.” When isolation is more prevalent than ever, Soberlink provides a missing piece that is critical in recovery: connection. “Dr. John Kelly’s research suggests that, as with other chronic diseases, a continuum of treatment support is essential during the first year of recovery,” Shaw says.

With the ability to connect Treatment Professionals, family members, mentors, and friends to each client’s recovery, Soberlink can make building an evidence-based continuum of care easy. It can loop in a plethora of emotional support and help reflect stressors that may trigger a response to drink, known as General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).

A tool that can be used to strengthen an individual’s recovery without infringing upon their day-to-day lives, Soberlink provides accountability that is discreet and convenient. With its compact size, advanced facial recognition, and customizable testing schedules that connect individuals to their Recovery Circles, Soberlink presents a world of opportunity in a single, compact device. Learn more about the ease and effectiveness of using Soberlink in Addiction Recovery:

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