‘Better Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually’: A Soberlink Client Shares Their Success and the Benefits of Sobriety Associated with Remote Alcohol Monitoring

‘Better Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually’: A Soberlink Client Shares Their Success and the Benefits of Sobriety Associated with Remote Alcohol Monitoring
April 15, 2024
|   Updated:
June 1, 2024

When Brian found himself deep in the throes of his alcohol addiction, he surveyed his life and realized he was living through the worst period of it. He was in financial turmoil, his relationships with his wife and children were in ruin, and his self-esteem was non-existent. Brian was desperate to work on his sobriety to change the course of his life.

When a physician suggested he try Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring system, he was determined and willing to try another venture if it meant finally getting sober. Though he was hesitant to utilize the system initially, Brian claims it was the “light bulb that finally went on,” and it has since become “one of the most effective components of [his] sobriety.”

Utilizing Soberlink’s system has allowed Brian to take time during his day to pause and reflect on his recovery journey and how it has affected both his mental and physical health during his life. The system has allowed Brian to “embrace [his] disease” as he can acknowledge he is on a life-long journey, while simultaneously celebrating his progress thus far. 

After 18 months of sobriety and utilizing the device, Brian feels much lighter and more confident in his ability to remain sober. In his own words, he praises Soberlink, expressing, "My marriage has blossomed. My relationship with my children is intact again. My health is dramatically improved. I feel better emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I'm able to be a productive member of society."

While alcohol monitoring is not a cure-all, having a Soberlink Device in your tool kit can help you better navigate the recovery journey through strengthened connections and accountability. Utilizing Soberlink has helped Brian and countless others achieve the sober life they’ve dreamed of, despite the challenges posed by addiction and the ongoing journey of recovery.

To learn more about alcohol monitoring, the benefits associated with it, and other success stories of people maintaining sobriety through Soberlink’s comprehensive system, keep reading below.

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What is Alcohol Monitoring?

Alcohol monitoring involves using an alcohol testing device to record the level of alcohol in an individual's system, otherwise known as the Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC. In the past, alcohol monitoring has been used primarily as a requirement for those who have committed alcohol or drug-related crimes. The device was often installed in your vehicle or attached to your body to ensure you were staying sober.

Fortunately, alcohol monitoring is now commonly used to improve accountability. With state-of-the-art technology like built-in facial recognition and tamper detection, Soberlink’s sleek, discrete, and easy-to-use remote breathalyzer offers immediate benefits to those looking to achieve long-term sobriety.

Utilizing a system like Soberlink, people have found their relationship with alcohol can be reconciled, their physical and mental health can improve, and achieving a sober life is possible.

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The Benefits of Alcohol Monitoring

Soberlink Clients like Brian typically find many benefits to using Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring system.

Some common benefits clients found while getting sober with Soberlink’s remote breathalyzer include:

Repaired Relationships

In addressing Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), one significant yet often overlooked benefit of alcohol monitoring systems like Soberlink is their ability to aid in mending damaged relationships. By offering a straightforward and reliable means to demonstrate sobriety, these tools play a crucial role in rebuilding trust between individuals and their loved ones. The essence of such technology lies not in its complexity but in its ability to serve as a bridge towards recovery and reconciliation.

Brian’s experience illustrates this process effectively. Motivated by the desire to improve his relationships with his wife and children, he utilized Soberlink to visibly commit to his alcohol recovery journey. The system provided a tangible way to show his dedication to change, facilitating a renewed sense of trust and accountability. "That was a tremendous inspiration because I wanted to get healthy for her - for us," Brian notes, highlighting the personal stakes involved in his quest for sobriety. 

Ultimately, the true value of alcohol monitoring in the context of AUD recovery lies in its capacity to support individuals in proving their commitment to change. For Brian, this meant not only a path to sobriety but also the restoration of crucial family relationships. Soberlink served as a tool in this process, underscoring the potential of such technologies to contribute to the healing and strengthening of personal bonds. He shares, “My marriage has blossomed, [and] my relationship with my children is intact again.”

Improved Physical Health

Abusing drugs and alcohol can severely damage our physical health due to their harmful effects. The implementation of alcohol monitoring offers a significant advantage by quickly enhancing your physical well-being.

Engaging with a system that integrates into your daily routine through regular testing enhances your commitment to sobriety, leading to a reduction in alcohol consumption.

Although completely eliminating alcohol from your life might take time, the encouragement provided by regular sobriety testing can help foster a desire for a sober lifestyle, contributing to improved health outcomes. This was evident in Brian's experience.

Monitoring your alcohol consumption and adopting a system that visually tracks your progress allows your body to recover from the detrimental effects of alcohol. As a result, individuals experience the health benefits of a sober lifestyle.

Improved Mental Health 

The interplay between substance use and mental health is profound and complex, with drugs and alcohol significantly impacting the brain's regulation of crucial neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. This imbalance can exacerbate or even trigger mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. Brian's candid reflection, "My self-esteem was non-existent. It was like living down in a deep dark hole," poignantly underscores the mental and emotional toll of AUD.

The journey towards sobriety offers a path out of this darkness, not only mitigating the risk of further mental health complications but also fostering an environment where healing and growth can flourish. Alcohol monitoring systems, particularly those as intuitive as Soberlink, play a pivotal role in this process. More than just aiding individuals in maintaining sobriety, these systems offer a structured way to recognize and celebrate progress. The act of tracking one's successes, no matter how small, serves as a powerful boost to self-esteem and mental well-being.

Brian's experience highlights the dual benefits of sustained sobriety and consistent use of alcohol monitoring tools like Soberlink. By actively engaging with the process, he not only fought back against the potential exacerbation of mental health issues but also embarked on a journey of self-discovery and confidence-building. The reporting capabilities of Soberlink provided him with tangible evidence of his progress, fueling his journey towards improved mental health and, ultimately, a fuller, more vibrant life beyond the shadow of AUD. 

A New Sense of Confidence

The journey to sobriety, particularly through the use of alcohol monitoring, is often marked by a profound transformation in self-perception and confidence. This process does more than just facilitate the cessation of alcohol use; it instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, laying the foundation for a renewed sense of self. "Use Soberlink for a couple of months, and then take a look over your shoulder at just how far you've come in the past 60 days," Brian suggests, emphasizing the remarkable progress that becomes visible with commitment and time.

This newfound confidence is not merely a byproduct of abstaining from alcohol but arises from the establishment of healthy routines and the satisfaction of meeting set goals. Brian's reflection, "I'm able to be a productive member of society, and I'm grateful every day for it," speaks volumes to the transformative power of sustained sobriety. The ability to demonstrate to oneself and one's support network the capability to maintain sobriety fosters an immense sense of achievement and self-assurance in navigating this new chapter of life.

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Soberlink Advanced Alcohol Monitoring– What Makes it So Successful?

Soberlink's comprehensive system offers an innovative solution for alcohol monitoring, combining technology and convenience to support individuals in their journey toward accountability and trust rebuilding.

  • Discreet and Portable Breathalyzer: Soberlink's cutting-edge breathalyzer is designed for convenience and discretion, enabling users to prove their sobriety anytime, anywhere.
  • Instant Notification System: BAC readings are immediately transmitted to designated parties through text or email, facilitating open communication and restoring trust.
  • Intuitive Software: Our user-friendly software ensures a seamless experience for users and monitors, streamlining the process of alcohol level management.
  • Facial Recognition Technology: With advanced facial recognition, Soberlink automatically verifies the identity of the person being tested, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Tamper Detection Sensors: Equipped with sophisticated sensors, the system effectively detects any tampering attempts, maintaining the integrity of the testing process.
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Soberlink Testimonials–What Past and Current Users Have to Say About the Device

Soberlink is the most trusted system for alcohol monitoring not only because it incorporates the above benefits but also because it caters to individual needs while staying steadfast in its goal to improve recovery outcomes for its users.

Some users have utilized the device for years and have changed their testing schedules based on what works best for them, be it two tests a day or three. Others have found it is the “only thing” that helped them achieve their sober milestones.

Through the years, different users have continued to voice how the system has positively affected each of their lives. One speaks on how the system has given them “a newfound strength,” others praise its ability to improve their strained relationships, and some say its ability to continue to keep you accountable and on track is “priceless.”

While users value the device for its positive impact on their personal relationships, they unanimously recognize that by fostering accountability and offering reassurance to their loved ones, Soberlink is a transformative system that can profoundly change lives and support sustained sobriety.

To continue reading or watching testimonials on how Soberlink has positively affected countless users' lives, click here.

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A Closer Look– Examining Soberlink Case Studies

For further proof of the benefits alcohol monitoring can provide for your life, Soberlink’s recent Share Program case study offers insight into how past and current users have found success managing their addiction with this trusted system.

Users consistently highlight key benefits such as enhanced accountability, the restoration of trust in significant relationships, improved self-esteem and a heightened sense of achievement, along with the crucial support in preventing relapse and maintaining sobriety.

Brian’s journey, as shared earlier, encapsulates the collective experience of many who have turned to Soberlink in their quest for recovery. His story of rekindled relationships, rediscovered self-worth, and the successful navigation of the path to sobriety mirrors the positive outcomes reported by a vast majority of Soberlink users. With over 90 percent of participants advocating for Soberlink to others facing struggles with alcohol addiction, the message is clear: alcohol monitoring, as facilitated by Soberlink, stands as a potentially life-altering resource for anyone grappling with AUD.

Brian's testimonial not only reinforces the efficacy of Soberlink in individual lives but also highlights the broader impact of such technology in fostering a supportive environment conducive to recovery.


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