3 Ways to Effectively Incorporate Remote Alcohol Monitoring into Relapse Prevention Plans

Relapse Prevention Plan
January 31, 2019
|   Updated:
May 21, 2021

For many, the road to recovery doesn’t end once treatment is over. To promote long-term sobriety, Addiction Recovery professionals will often put relapse prevention plans in place that cater to their clients’ unique needs. Following the New Paradigm for Recovery, these relapse prevention plans typically treat addiction like a chronic illness that requires ongoing treatment for an extended period of time. Through remote alcohol monitoring, outpatient counseling, case management and other resources, Addiction Recovery professionals can help their clients prevent relapse and achieve lasting recovery.

Relapse Prevention Plans

To learn more about relapse prevention best practices, we spoke to Don McHenry, an Addiction Recovery professional with over 25 years of experience in the field. As a licensed interventionist and board-certified chemical dependency counselor, Don has provided people from all walks of life, including lawyers and medical professionals, with the tools they need to stay sober. While he has tried many methods of relapse prevention, he believes alcohol monitoring with Soberlink has been the most effective: “At the cornerstone of my efforts is Soberlink. It’s made a tremendous difference. In the past, relapse was more frequent. With Soberlink, I have very, very few relapses.” So, how can Addiction Treatment professionals effectively incorporate alcohol monitoring into relapse prevention plans? We explore Don’s top three best practices below.

1. Advocate Long-Term Alcohol Monitoring

Like any long-term illness, substance dependency requires extensive treatment that goes beyond the typical 28-day program. Working in accordance with the New Paradigm for Recovery, Soberlink reinforces sobriety by making alcohol monitoring part of everyday living. Don has found that encouraging clients to participate in long-term alcohol monitoring improves their chances of staying sober: “I have people who I’ve managed for more than a few years and I’ve had universally good results with Soberlink. I have a guy who’s been a client of mine since 2006. He’s been monitoring with Soberlink for at least 3 years and he has been clean from all substances. All he has to do is blow into this device a few times a day on his schedule and it’s working for him. I have a laundry list of people who have been successful. It keeps everyone engaged in their sobriety.”

2. Incorporate Alcohol Monitoring into Case Management Programs

When developing case management programs, Don recommends incorporating Soberlink to achieve higher success rates. He notes that Soberlink assists in nearly every aspect of Alcohol Addiction Recovery, from intervention to day-to-day relapse prevention. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, real-time alerts and customizable Recovery Circles, Soberlink allows Don to stay connected to his clients, so he can intervene at any time, if necessary: “When these cravings and urges come, people with Alcohol Use Disorder can feel helpless and possibly even relapse. With Soberlink, they don’t get so far down that you need a backhoe to get them up. We know right away, and we can act on it. From there, we can adjust the program and redirect them.” Don also highlights Soberlink’s high-tech, portable build, which makes make alcohol monitoring convenient and flexible for every lifestyle. “Before Soberlink, I had to send people to clinics, to labs,” says Don, “These people were busy lawyers and physicians and they had stand in line and wait. This is so easy.”

3. Present the Benefits of Using Soberlink

When presenting Soberlink to his clients, Don focuses on the benefits of alcohol monitoring for both clients and their families: “I try to present the whole idea to people. It’s not a heavy lift,” says Don. With the average test taking just 30-seconds, Soberlink is a fast and effective alcohol monitoring solution that clients can easily work into their daily schedules. The simple step-by-step approach streamlines the entire process, so clients can have a simple, worry-free and comfortable experience. In providing proof of sobriety with highly accurate results, Soberlink also removes the guesswork from alcohol monitoring. This ability to prove sobriety helps clients feel empowered during recovery and rebuilds trust between clients and their family members. “It takes away all the mystery and the worry and the doubt, all of that, it’s all gone. You have a record of compliance,” says Don. “I know how tough recovery can be for some people in the beginning, so I just try to take the mystery out of it. I assure my clients and their families that Soberlink is really going to make a difference for them.”

Relapse Prevention Recap

Promoting accountability for sobriety and long-term recovery, Soberlink is a powerful and effective relapse prevention tool. Learn more about incorporating Soberlink into your clients’ relapse prevention plans.

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