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Proven Tips for Helping a Loved One Who Misuses Alcohol
July 15, 2021
Recovery is difficult, but a strong support network can be extremely beneficial. Learn how to help a loved one in recovery with these 4 proven tips: understanding the disease, suggesting treatment, reminding yourself that relapse is a normal part of recovery, and being a consistent support partner.
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Signs Your Client Could be Headed Towards a Relapse
June 16, 2021
Client having emotional conversation over Zoom with her Treatment Professional.
For a person struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder, achieving sobriety is a huge accomplishment, but it is also an everyday struggle. No matter how long a person has abstained from drinking alcohol, they are still at risk for relapse. However, with the help of a Treatment Professional and a strong Recovery Circle, it is easier to identify triggers, spot the early warning signs of relapse, and stay on the road to recovery.
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The Red Songbird Foundation & Soberlink: An interview with Jason Wahler
June 14, 2021
With mirroring goals in mind, Soberlink and The Red Songbird Foundation have joined forces to offer those struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder an opportunity to use the intuitive system to supplement their recovery. In a Q&A with Soberlink, Wahler explains how he believes Soberlink would have been a great resource for him in his own recovery because it provides “an additional layer of accountability.” Wahler continues, “It’s a very non-intrusive process that takes less time out of your day than meeting someone face to face.”
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Toxic Myths about Alcohol Use Disorder: Understanding the Disease to Provide Better Support
May 27, 2021
Woman placing hand on man's shoulder offering emotional support.
Even though we have more access to information regarding Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) than ever before, there are still many misconceptions surrounding the disease. Over-generalizations and assumptions can be toxic roadblocks that prevent those who struggle with overusing alcohol from getting the help they need.
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Why Private Practice Addiction Professionals are Implementing Alcohol Monitoring: Audio Interview
May 14, 2021
Addiction Treatment Counselor
Michael O'Brien, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, CADC II, SAP, NCAC I joins us for an interview about his Private Practice and Alcohol Monitoring. Listen to his thoughts on how Soberlink's remote alcohol monitoring system has improved his practice and benefited his clients, and learn how to implement alcohol monitoring for yourself.
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Why it's Necessary to Learn Effective Coping Strategies for Addiction
April 27, 2021
Middle-Aged man standing on beach looking relaxed.
Dealing with addiction can get deceptive and become a source of continuous turmoil for you or your loved ones. Navigating addiction can also present crippling obstacles for your family as they learn how to abandon co-dependent tendencies and develop boundaries. To help improve recovery, it's imperative to make and commit to a coping plan. 
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How Treatment Professionals Can Adapt to Change During the Pandemic
April 22, 2021
Treatment Professional Meeting with a Client Over Zoom.
A recent study by the National Institutes of Health determined that people with substance use disorders are more likely to develop COVID-19 and experience more severe symptoms. Alcohol abuse causes inflammation in the body, weakens the immune system, and puts the body at risk for bacterial and viral infections. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption can damage tissue in the lungs and cause acute respiratory distress system, putting people with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) who contract COVID at a greater risk of mortality.
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5 Ways to Manage Alcohol Cravings After a Recovery Program
April 7, 2021
Young Adult Woman Walking Up The Stairs
The road to recovery doesn’t end after completing a recovery program. Depending on the severity of someone’s addiction, a person in recovery may continue to struggle with alcohol use disorder for the rest of their life. When cravings hit, there are several ways to combat these urges so they do not interfere with the lifelong recovery process.
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Warning Signs of a Relapse and What to Do About It
March 31, 2021
Warning Signs of a Relapse and What to Do About It
While Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is treatable, recovery is often a difficult journey. For many, relapse is a common occurrence in the alcohol recovery process.
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The Disease of Alcoholism
March 20, 2021
sobriety testing
When an individual receives the initial diagnosis of cancer, they continue seeing their doctor for visits even after treatment has been completed. The chronic disease of alcohol addiction should be treated in a similar fashion. The disease of alcoholism encompasses all the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse.
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