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Checking the Soberlink App at Work

Customized Testing Schedule

Our Program options allow daily testing 7 days a week or flexible testing during parenting time
Male Facial Recognition

Verifies Identity

Our court-admissible devices use adaptive facial recognition technology to confirm identity during each test
Mobile monitoring report

Analyze Testing Data

Advanced Reporting makes it easy for parents and Family Law professionals to understand detailed test results
For Parents Concerned
about Child Safety
  • Provides real-time results for peace of mind, gives trustworthy results with tamper detection sensors, and allows for transparency in co-parenting.
For Parents Accused
of Alcohol Abuse
  • Provides court-admissible results to prove sobriety, allows for convenient testing with a discreet device, and gives parents an alternative to supervised visitation.
For Family Law Professionals
and Judges
  • Provides court-admissible evidence, comes with Monitoring Agreements that assist in litigation, and offers professional Family Law services.
Level 1

Parenting Time Only

Flexible monitoring, only during parenting time. Testing schedules self-managed.

Level 2

Daily Testing

Consistent monitoring, 7 days a week. Testing schedules managed by Soberlink.

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I’ve really had tremendous success with (Soberlink) on both sides of the case to be fair.  Whether it was trying to make sure my client’s child was protected in the care of the other person or to make sure that my client had a fighting chance to be a parent.

Leigh Sellers
Touchstone Family Law
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Soberlink is reliable. It has consistent testing and monitoring, ad the system is always improving. I definitely recommend Soberlink in any case where there is alcohol abuse or alleged abuse.

Sherri Evans
Koons Fuller Family Law
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The cases in which the court does not require such a choice will often lead to endless litigation. How much simpler would it be if their family court uniformly implemented Soberlink?

Gregory Forman
Gregory S. Forman
Family Law & Appellate Attorney
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Any family lawyer that has encountered allegations of alcohol abuse, dependence, and addiction in their cases better have Soberlink on speed dial. Soberlink's forms, protocols, and options fit every family. On both sides of the case, the tools can provide peace of mind, accountability, and proof of alcohol use or non-use. The team is very responsive when it is time to go to court or mediation and you need admissible records.

Susan Myers
Family Lawyer, Myres & Associates Divorce and Family Law
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As a Family Law Attorney, I am consistently grateful that Soberlink is an option for the families with which I work. Having a tool with real time information on a parent's sobriety is invaluable.

Andrea Reid, ESQ
Attorney at Law, The Reid Law Group Marital and Family Law
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Soberlink has provided the Court with a great real-time accountability tool for any family requiring alcohol monitoring while co-parenting.

Danielle Diaz
Associate Judge, 330th District Court
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Real-World Case Studies

We're the gold standard when it comes to personalized continuing care for alcohol use disorders.

Top addiction experts and treatment facilities have studied and recorded Soberlink in many different settings.

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