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Alcohol and Parenting Time: Why Proving Sobriety is Crucial
December 2, 2021
Alcohol and Parenting Time: Why Proving Sobriety is Crucial
Americans are drinking more heavily than a decade ago. In today’s culture, people drink to celebrate life events, calm their nerves at social functions, and unwind after a long stressful day. But as demonstrated most recently during the pandemic, an increasing number of people are also using alcohol during parenting time. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 7 million children under age 17 live with a parent who suffers from alcohol addiction.
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Prioritizing Children’s Emotional Health in Alcohol Abuse Cases
October 13, 2021
Why Making a Child's Emotion Health is Important in Alcohol Abuse Cases
Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment. While most people would echo this philosophy, exercising this in child custody and alcohol cases can be a steep battle. Add a global pandemic, a tumultuous co-parenting relationship, and false-positive results to the equation, and what constitutes “in the best interest of the child” becomes far less defined.
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Alcohol Monitoring for Millennial Co-Parents: How New Technology Can Make Divorce a Little Easier
September 9, 2021
Mom and daughter making heart shape with joined hands
Much has been said of the generation born between 1981 and 1996. Millennials dethroned Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation in recent years, and compared to Boomers and Gen Xers, they’ve thoroughly embraced a digital footprint from a young age. Many Millennials own smartphones and use them to stay connected to the world and its many inhabitants. Millennials are active on social media and utilize apps for everything from productivity to guided meditation and exercise regimens.
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Remote Monitoring: Embracing Technology to Cultivate a Generation of Improved Child-Parent Relationships
August 24, 2021
Man reviewing Compliant Soberlink Test on cell phone
Technology has impacted nearly every area of our lives. As telecommunications continue to advance and change, they can improve relationships between children and their parents in explicit and ancillary ways. Families can benefit from broader communication styles and new activities through the use of technology and embracing it as a solution for challenging issues.
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Step-Children and Step-Parents: A Guide to Building a Healthier Household Amidst Alcohol Abuse
July 7, 2021
Step-mother with arms around step-children
Alcohol abuse affects more than just the individual — It impacts their loved ones as well. The children of parents dealing with alcohol abuse are more at risk for behavioral problems and developing difficulties themselves. Children are very perceptive and quick to pick up on their caregivers’ unhealthy behaviors, whether they are biological parents or not. For this reason, both parents and step-parents suffering from alcohol abuse should take all measures necessary to prevent relapse and rebuild trust.
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Why Lawyers are Using Alcohol Monitoring to Protect Clients Accused of Alcohol Abuse
June 18, 2021
Woman carrying her young daughter on her back.
No matter the circumstances surrounding the end of a marriage, separating is often difficult, and tensions and emotions usually run high. When allegations of alcohol use arise, it can be particularly challenging to differentiate truth and hearsay without concrete evidence.
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Collaborative Practice in Family Law when Alcohol Use is Involved: Audio Interview
May 17, 2021
Collaborative Divorce
Keith Grossman, a mediator who has been resolving family and marital issues for over 20 years, talks about Collaborative Practice and how Soberlink can be used in cases involving alcohol. As someone who consults and educates clients about fair options to share and enhance time with their children, he discusses how Soberlink can help protect kids and give peace of mind.
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Relapse During a Pandemic: How to Relieve Your Child of Potential Guilt
May 5, 2021
Dad having heartfelt discussion with teenage son.
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyday life has drastically changed. Remote work has gained momentum as social distancing is a key measure for preventing and slowing the spread of the virus. While this work style comes with some specific benefits, this transition also brings some serious limitations and difficulties as routines and boundaries are disrupted. 
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Why Proving Your Sobriety is so Important
April 26, 2021
Young child smiling while his father holds him on top of his shoulders.
More often than not, Family Law cases are strenuous and emotional for all parties involved. When children are involved, and one parent has a demonstrated or accused history of alcohol abuse, proving sobriety is imperative for the safety and assurance of the entire family.
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Using Alcohol Monitoring to Help Become a Better Parent
March 30, 2021
Father playing with young daughter.
It’s impossible to become a perfect parent. But being a great parent is within reach, even for adults struggling with alcohol abuse. By developing healthier coping mechanisms, including technology’s help, parents may boost their recovery efforts and improve their relationship with their children.
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