Enhancing Alcohol Monitoring Expertise for Professionals in Family Law: Understanding the Critical Role of the Soberlink Compliance Team

Enhancing Alcohol Monitoring Expertise for Professionals in Family Law: Understanding the Critical Role of the Soberlink Compliance Team
April 19, 2023
|   updated:
March 31, 2024

In the intricate and delicate realm of Family Law, professionals require reliable and accurate tools to make well-informed decisions that have a profound impact on their client’s lives. The Soberlink Compliance Team is devoted to ensuring the admissibility of the Soberlink system and its test results in court, providing Family Law professionals and clients with the information they need to navigate the legal process with confidence. With over 10 years of experience serving the Family Law industry, the Compliance Team is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and service.

Our team of experts works tirelessly behind the scenes analyzing & interpreting results, detecting & reporting instances of tampering, and providing certified records, among other critical services. By offering expert testimony services and advanced troubleshooting, the Compliance Team ensures that Family Law professionals can rely on Soberlink's system in even the most challenging circumstances. 

By understanding the role of the Compliance Team and the support they provide, Family Law professionals can confidently utilize Soberlink's services to achieve the best outcomes for their clients.

Compliance Team Services

1. Evaluating Positive Tests

When alcohol is detected by the Soberlink system, the "Retest Cycle" comes into play. The Retest Cycle requires the client to retest every 15 minutes, up to six times if alcohol continues to be detected. The Compliance Team uses these test results to evaluate the event in question. This is crucial in Family Law cases where a client may claim they did not consume alcohol. Test evaluations draw on years of research and established science about how the human body processes alcohol to reach conclusions. Without these evaluations, confusion can arise in court when Judges, Professionals, and Clients are discussing a positive test result.

2. Reporting Tampers

Tampers are, unfortunately, fairly common among Family Law clients attempting to trick or beat the system. The Soberlink Compliance Team is trained to analyze and report tampers using various proprietary methods. For instance, the team can assess test results to determine if a user tried to employ alternative air sources, like an air pump, to test negative for alcohol.

3. Evaluating Returned Equipment

Returned equipment goes through a comprehensive and systematic inspection. The Compliance Team is responsible for interpreting the inspection results and reporting the results in a digestible manner.

4. Interpreting Results

On occasion, test results may need to be interpreted, especially when there are uncertainties about BAC levels, the client's identity, or whether a test should be deemed missed. The Compliance Team is highly skilled in the analysis and interpretation of these results, providing Family Law professionals with clear and concise information. 

5. Certified Records

Soberlink's Compliance Department, staffed with experienced records custodians, is an invaluable resource for Family Law professionals and their clients. By providing certified reports for court, the Compliance Department helps to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the Soberlink system and its test results. With their meticulous attention to detail and expertise in the legal requirements and procedures for record-keeping and reporting, the Compliance Department's certified reports are a crucial asset in legal proceedings. Family Law professionals can trust that these certified reports will be admissible in court and withstand any challenges, ultimately contributing to better outcomes for their clients.

6. Testimony Services

Soberlink's Compliance Department, with its comprehensive understanding of the Soberlink system and its operations, is equipped to offer expert testimony services for court hearings. Their specialized knowledge and experience in the industry make them invaluable resources for Family Law professionals, providing them with authoritative and compelling testimony that can significantly impact the outcome of legal proceedings. By drawing on their deep understanding of the technical aspects of the Soberlink system, the Compliance Department's expert testimony can help to clarify complex issues, educate judges, and ultimately contribute to more favorable outcomes for clients. Their expert testimony services represent a critical component of the comprehensive support and guidance that Soberlink provides to Family Law professionals and their clients. 

7. Call Escalation

When the support team is unable to answer questions or address concerns, the Compliance Team steps in to handle escalated calls, providing expert assistance and guidance.

8. Advanced Troubleshooting

Should any advanced issues arise with the Soberlink device or system, the Compliance Team is equipped to help resolve these problems, ensuring that the system remains accurate and reliable for clients and professionals.

9. Additional Documentation

If clients or Family Law professionals require further documentation, the Compliance Team can provide the necessary materials to support their cases.

10. Subject Matter Experts

The Compliance Team is composed of subject matter experts who are the go-to resource for Family Law professionals. Their extensive knowledge and experience make them invaluable in navigating the complexities of alcohol monitoring in Family Law cases.

Additional Resources

For additional resources and to contact the Compliance Team, visit the Attorney’s Page of the Soberlink website.

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