Remote Monitoring: Embracing Technology to Cultivate a Generation of Improved Child-Parent Relationships

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August 24, 2021
|   updated:
July 20, 2023

Technology has impacted nearly every area of our lives. As telecommunications continue to advance and change, they can improve relationships between children and their parents in explicit and ancillary ways. Families can benefit from broader communication styles and new activities through the use of technology and embracing it as a solution for challenging issues.

A challenging issue faced by many families is alcohol abuse, which is often followed by broken trust and a lack of confidence in the user’s ability to prove sobriety. Through advanced technology, Soberlink remote alcohol monitoring is a unique reporting system that delivers proof of sobriety in real-time. This system utilizes facial recognition and tamper-detection technology for identity verification, so there are never any questions about the legitimacy of test results.

When alcohol abuse is a factor in dissolving a marriage, Family Law experts trust Soberlink because of the simple, easy-to-understand format that provides fast and accurate reports. Anita Ventrelli has been an attorney for over 30 years and has specialized in Family Law throughout her entire career, often involved in complex litigation cases. When there are problems with alcohol use during child custody litigation, it is imperative to find a solution that serves both parties and any children involved. Ventrelli recommends parties in her cases rely on Soberlink to demonstrate sobriety, which helps restore or maintain parent-child relationships.

Safety and Stability Directly Impact Relationships with Children

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During a custody and alcohol case, creating a safe environment for children builds a sense of security that can stay with a child throughout their life as it influences the relationships with their parent(s). Conversely, when a parent abuses alcohol and creates an unstable home life, the wounds of those actions can impact a child for their entire life. Arranging for a parent to maintain sobriety during caretaking obligations ensures that children in their care are better protected and feel a greater sense of calm.

When Ventrelli represents the Concerned Party in a child custody case, she recommends Soberlink to ensure child safety and improve peace of mind during visitation. She says that “Soberlink makes it so that my client can rest easier, being able to tell whether the [other parent] is under the influence or not,” and adds that, “anything urging a parent [to stay sober], keeps kids safe.” When a person has a history of alcohol abuse, she implements Soberlink as a tool to help exonerate them in the face of accusations since kids are emotionally and physically safer with present and sober parents. This is a particularly sensitive matter with older children because when children are conscious of a parent’s alcohol abuse and they know their parent is sober, it allows for rebuilding trust and the parent to strengthen honest connections with their child.

Parents at Peace are Better Parents

Making sure that the divorcing parents remain at ease and consistent in their co-parenting can lessen the effect that the split can have on a child. Fear and worry can overtake the Concerned Party when there is a history of alcohol abuse and no proof of sobriety, and children can often sense and react to these tensions.

Throughout her career, Ventrelli has noticed that “if one parent has peace-of-mind, it spills over to the child, and they get that sense of comfort as well.” Alcohol monitoring can help maintain accountability between the parents, and clear communication often creates a sense of peace for the children. Ventrelli says that “Soberlink improves kids’ lives indirectly because when the parent who is concerned about alcohol abuse can eliminate having to “just go on faith”, it makes communications between the parents easier when people are vindicated by test results.” She adds that it is a “hedge against false accusations” and it enables confidence within the family.

Soberlink is a Reliable Tool in Family Law

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What is best for the kids is the primary decision-maker in Family Law cases. Courts will rule for whatever stipulations are in the best interest of the child or children, and because of Soberlink’s court-admissible reporting and reputability, courts recognize the reliability of the comprehensive system.

Soberlink helps Ventrelli put her clients first, and she can count on the stability that is provided through the system’s innovative design. She recognizes that even though she has worked on countless custody cases throughout her career, her clients are likely experiencing the only court case they ever will, so she aims to treat each client uniquely and is sensitive to the needs of each family. Ventrelli trusts Soberlink because, as she says, “It’s a one-stop reliable litigation tool for alcohol testing needs that lets lawyers work on their cases instead of focusing on the testing.”

Ventrelli goes on to note, “The system is just easy for people to use.” Establishing trust through technology allows for better results in Family Court and, ultimately, improved relationships between parents and children.

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