These Influencers Offer Great Free Resources For Those Going Through a Divorce

Best Divorce Influencers
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July 23, 2023
All's Fair - Laura Wasser - Free family law podcast

All’s Fair - Laura Wasser

Celebrity divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, has over 20 years of experience practicing Family Law. Take advantage of her free podcast, All’s Fair, in which she discusses various topics related to divorce with various celebrities, innovators, and experts. Listening to relatable content, especially ones that involve celebrities, can be a great outlet and help to validate your own feelings as you go through your own divorce.

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The Divorce & Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq.

Divorce & Beyond - Susan Guthrie

Susan Guthrie, Esq. is a nationally recognized Family Lawyer and Mediation Attorney. As a leading dispute resolution professional, Susan focuses on pulling back the curtain on the mysteries of the divorce process and bringing tips and resources to help people to thrive and shine in their new future beyond divorce. Tune in to her podcast, Divorce & Beyond, and gain insight from a Family Law Practitioner who has answers to your questions.

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The Divorce Doctor podcast with Elizabeth Cohen, Ph.D

Divorce Doctor - Elizabeth Cohen

Dr. Elizabeth Cohen is a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Divorce Coach, and acclaimed author of, ‘Light on the Other Side of Divorce: Discovering the New You,’which landed her on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Cohen’s unique approach to coaching draws upon her expertise as a clinician and her own experience getting divorced. Consider listening to her podcast, The Divorce Doctor, where she sits down with women who have gone through divorce and thrived through it. 

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The Divorce Survival Guide podcast with Kate Anthony

Divorce Survival Guide - Kate Anthony

Kate Anthony is a certified Divorce Coach who helps women transition out of toxic marriages and relationships. She focuses on guiding individuals through the process of divorce, putting their children at the center—not in the middle—of all their decisions. With her quick wit, empathy, and unique relatability, one listen to her podcast, The Divorce Survival Guide, and you’ll feel like you’ve been friends for years. 

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Doing Relationships Right with Jennifer Hurvitz

Doing Relationships Right - Jen Hurvitz

Whether it’s working on your marriage, finding love again after your divorce, or choosing a relationship with yourself - Jennifer Hurvitz has got you covered. As a Certified Divorce Specialist, public speaker, best-selling author, and host of the Doing Relationships Right Podcast, Jennifer uses a no-nonsense approach to help you understand what a happy divorce can look like and how to dip your toes back into the dating world. 

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Journey Beyond Divorce podcast with Karen McMahon

Journey Beyond Divorce - Karen McMahon

Karen McMahon is a Board-Certified Relationship and Divorce Coach. Her passion is to help men and women navigate the emotional difficulties of relationships, breakups, and divorce. Utilize Karen’s coaching and free podcast, Journey Beyond Divorce, to guide you on how to change the dynamic, preserve precious emotional and financial resources, and emerge from divorce stronger, clearer, and more effective. 

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Moms Moving On podcast with Michelle Dempsey

Moms Moving On - Michelle Dempsey

Michelle Dempsey-Multack is a writer, mom, Certified Divorce Specialist, speaker, and genuine girl power enthusiast. Following her own divorce, she combined what she learned during her own experience with real, research based knowledge, and built the Moms Moving On community where she helps women navigate divorce, co-parenting, and single motherhood. Subscribe to her podcast, Moms Moving On, to break down the intricacies of life after separation and gain actionable advice to apply to your   divorce, co-parenting, or single motherhood process. 

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Negotiate Your Best Life with Rebecca Zung podcast

Negotiate Your Best Life - Rebecca Zung

Rebecca Zung went from being a single mom, college dropout, to becoming one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation. She is the author of bestselling books, Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win and Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom. Listen to her podcast, Negotiate Your Best Life, and learn best practices when divorcing someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 

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Our Happy Divorce podcast with Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond

Our Happy Divorce - Ben Heldfond

Our Happy Divorce’s Nikki DeBartolo and Ben Heldfond have cracked the code on co-parenting and creating a life post divorce that is equal parts respectful and fulfilling.  As best selling authors of the book ‘Our Happy Divorce,’ they empower and inspire people to think differently about divorce, co-parenting, step-parenting, and what it means to put kids first. Ben offers free blogs, resources, and live video sessions discussing divorce to those healthy alternative to high-conflict divorce.

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The Divorce Coaching Hour podcast with Christy Stratton

The Divorce Coaching Hour - Christy Stratton

Christy Stratton is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach, Professional Instructor, and International Speaker. Dedicated to helping people discover ‘Powerful People Practices,’ she works with those navigating some of life’s biggest transitions. Christy’s podcast, The Divorce Coaching Hour, will be your go-to educational and informational resource for those touched by divorce whether you or a loved one is considering the option, going through the transition, or rebuilding your life after. 

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