Know Your Child is with a Sober Parent

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Family Law Programs

Choose a level that best suits your monitoring needs.


Level 1
Parenting Time Only

Limited to 20 testing days per month with test times managed by the Monitored Client and Concerned Party.

Level 2
Daily Testing

Daily scheduled testing managed by the Soberlink System with automated text message reminders sent to the Monitored Client.

Wireless alcohol testing on Verizon's Private Network

Soberlink is the #1 alcohol monitoring system in Family Law. Each of the unique levels are designed to make parenting time safer with discreet and convenient alcohol testing. Level 1 requires testing only while parenting, and Level 2 requires daily testing.

Benefits of Using Soberlink

Family Law Specific Program

  • Whether monitoring is mediation, court ordered, or voluntary, we have a program that will fit your needs and service level

Discreet and Simple Activation

  • Device is activated from the comfort of your home
  • All Agreements are signed electronically

Additional Services

  • Testing evaluations
  • Detailed Reports of testing activity
  • Expert testimony assistance

Soberlink Best Practices

A guide for Family Law Professionals on how to use Soberlink alcohol monitoring effectively.


The main advantage with Level 2 is that the Soberlink System manages the testing schedule. It sends out test reminders via text message to the Monitored Client to help with testing compliance, and it documents and reports all missed tests.

With Level 1, the Monitored Client and Concerned Party are responsible for managing the testing schedule. All tests will be documented, but since a schedule is not set in the system, missed tests will not be flagged.

All involved parties will receive documentation of all testing activity, but the frequency and timeliness of the Report/Alert is dependent upon the chosen Plan (i.e., Basic, Plus or Premium).

Under Level 1, the Soberlink System will not track missed tests.

For Level 1: Soberlink’s best practices suggest testing prior to, during and immediately after parenting time. Refer to our  Level 1 Testing Protocol for more information.

For Level 2: Soberlink’s best practices suggest 3 to 4 tests per day based on the risk of use.