Know Your Child is With a Sober Parent in Real-time

Convenient and reliable alcohol monitoring with facial recognition technology. Real-time results ensure safer parenting time and
provide peace of mind.

Soberlink offers two different versions of our Device. The Soberlink Cellular and the Soberlink Bluetooth Device. Discover the differences below.

  • Soberlink Cellular
  • Wireless alcohol testing on Verizon's Private Network

    Soberlink Cellular is the most convenient device in that it does not require a smartphone. The benefit is that it’s an
    all-in-one Device. The limitations are that Verizon cell coverage is required to submit a test and the device only
    works in the United States.

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  • Soberlink Bluetooth
  • Wireless alcohol testing through an iPhone or iPad

    Soberlink Bluetooth is the more cost effective option. This Device requires you to pair with an iPhone. The benefits are the price, the ability to use the smartphones’ wi-fi and the ability to send a test from any country in the world. The limitations are that the smartphone must be present to be able to send the test.

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    Benefits of Soberlink for Parenting Time

    For the Concerned Party

    • Low-maintenance supervision
    • Immediate text messages if alcohol is detected by Soberlink
    • Peace of mind


    For the Monitored Parent

    • Discreet testing
    • No longer having to answer the question “Did you drink?”
    • Documentation of your sobriety

    How to Get Started with Our System


    1. Pick a Plan

    Then click “Learn More.” If you have questions about which plan is best for you call us at (714) 975-7200 during business hours.


    Level 1


    Level 1 Unltd.


    Level 2

    Mediation or Court Order

    per month
    per month
    per month
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    Testing schedule is saved and monitored by the Soberlink System
    Missed scheduled tests are documented in all reports
    Unlimited reports on testing activity
    Unlimited testing days per month
    15 days or less of testing per month
    Facial recognition to confirm identity of the Monitored Client
    Real-time email and/or text notification for every test
    Automated weekly summary report of test results
    *Plan Pricing: Actual pricing based on daily rates. Soberlink Breathalyzer sold separately. ($2.90 per day) ($4.84 per day) ($6.77 per day)




    2. Select a Device

    Decide whether the Bluetooth or Cellular Device is best for you.


    3. Call to Activate

    Call us at (714) 975-7200 to activate your Device. Soberlink will train the Monitored Client and other involved parties on how the system works and assist in technical support throughout the program.



    Parents can be more active and more in control of custody arrangements with Soberlink. Our devices are the most innovative and user-friendly available in child custody management. Soberlink streamlines the alcohol monitoring process by offering innovative customizations and Adaptive Facial Recognition™ technology. Real-time BAC tests can be submitted from anywhere in the world. Immediate results and alerts set a new standard for alcohol monitoring in custody arrangements.

    Children often suffer the most in families struggling with alcohol abuse. Soberlink is designed to help prove sobriety and competency during parenting time. The system acts as an intuitive accountability tool to help parents provide the best possible care for their children. User-friendly and comprehensive, the Soberlink system helps ensure safer custody arrangements.

    Real-time BAC results are collected during parenting time and sent to the secure online portal to ensure children are in safe and sober care. Concerned parties are notified immediately in the event of alcohol consumption or other non-compliance.

    All Soberlink devices are equipped with the highest quality fuel-cell sensor available. This professional-grade sensor has an accuracy level of +/- .005 BAC. The fuel cell in Soberlink devices is globally trusted and used in high-end, professional-grade breath alcohol instruments.

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