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It’s important for addiction treatment professionals to practice self-care in order to prevent burnout and manage compassion fatigue. Soberlink is committed to improving lives, both for your clients and for you. We’ve curated these articles and resources to help therapists learn about and prevent burnout.

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How Soberlink Can Help Alleviate Stress

Soberlink makes it easy for treatment providers to stay connected with their clients through automated, real-time reports in an easy-to-use calendar format. Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring tool is proven to help clients improve accountability and increase recovery capital to help make your job easier. 

Scholarly Articles on Therapist Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Therapist burnout: The contributions of role stress, patient behavior stress, and therapist personality
The Unbearable Fatigue of Compassion: Notes from a Substance Abuse Counselor Who Dreams of Working at Starbuck’s
Therapy Work and Therapists' Positive and Negative Well-Being
Compassion Fatigue: When Listening Hurts
Measuring Compassion Fatigue
oncology nursing society
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout
The Mediating Role of Self-Compassion Between Mindfulness and Compassion Fatigue Among Therapists in Hong Kong
science direct
Understanding how social worker compassion fatigue and years of experience shape custodial decisions
google ebook
Help for the Helper: The Psychophysiology of Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma
Training in dialectical behavior therapy as a means of reducing therapist burnout
science direct
Examining the Prevalence of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Radiation Therapists Caring for Palliative Cancer Patients
research gate
Compassion fatigue among physiotherapist and physical therapists around the world (PDF)
Resilience as a Protective Factor Against Compassion Fatigue in Trauma Therapists
Compassion fatigue among Employee Assistance Program counselors
Compassion Fatigue among Healthcare, Emergency and Community Service Workers: A Systematic Review
Trauma therapists' quality of life: The impact of individual and workplace factors on compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction
Compassion Fatigue and Burnout: History, Definitions and Assessment
scientific research
The Role of Compassion for Self and Others, Compassion Fatigue and Subjective Happiness on Levels of Well-Being of Mental Health Professionals
research gate
Compassion fatigue among new graduate physicaltherapists
science direct
The Bell Tolls for Thee & Thine: Compassion Fatigue & the Overdose Epidemic
science direct
Compassion fatigue & burnout
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Try These Tips for Managing Stress and Compassion Fatigue

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