Soberlink Is Not Just Another Breathalyzer

October 13, 2013
|   updated:
July 1, 2024

October 14, 2013 – Cypress, California – As judges hand down stiff penalties for drinking and driving and as society becomes aware of the great damage done by alcohol addiction, using an alcohol testing device has become much more common. Within the last couple years, the popularity and availability of consumer breathalyzers has grown rapidly. The variety of consumer breathalyzers now on the market range from keychain breathalyzers for testing before hopping in the driver’s seat to smartphone breathalyzers featuring the ability to post results to social media and share favorite drink recipes and happy hours.

The alternative alcohol testing devices available through monitoring agencies, while more reliable than consumer breathalyzers, are expensive and generally viewed as punitive measures rather than tools to promote accountability. Ignition interlock devices only offer a partial solution by limiting its application to alcohol testing only when a car is to be driven. Other devices such as ankle bracelets that read alcohol through the skin are invasive and must be worn on the body at all times. For many who need to monitor alcohol intake to satisfy legal or personal requirements, finding a practical yet reliable option can be intimidating.

Soberlink, designed for remote alcohol monitoring, combines the convenience of a breathalyzer with gold standard accuracy. Soberlink provides much more than an on-screen alcohol reading to assess driving capability or post to Facebook. This device uses a professional-grade fuel cell to accurately measure breath alcohol concentration along with an embedded cellular module to send the test results directly to a cloud-based website for a family member, counselor, or employer to review. A built-in camera takes a picture of the end-user during the breath sample for verification of identity, and a GPS antenna can optionally give a location reading at the time of the test.

Other features also set Soberlink apart from standard breathalyzers, such as the monitoring portal that can send email or text alerts to designated contacts in real-time if the individual is drinking. With Soberlink, anyone can participate in an effective, discreet, and convenient alcohol monitoring system tailored to their needs.

Soberlink’s first generation product, the SL1, launched in August 2011 and was the world’s first smartphone breathalyzer. The SL1 breathalyzer sent the end-user’s picture, alcohol reading, and location to the smartphone using Bluetooth technology. Test results were wirelessly sent through the cell phone’s data network to the cloud-based Soberlink monitoring portal. In November 2012, Soberlink launched their one-piece cellular device called the Soberlink Cellular. The Soberlink Cellular revolutionized the industry again by being the world’s first mobile device for remote alcohol monitoring. Soberlink Cellular has an embedded cellular module and uses Verizon’s Private Network to transmit test results directly from the device to the monitoring portal, eliminating the need for a smartphone to send the results.

Both the SL1 and Soberlink Cellular have helped to establish Soberlink as the leader in alcohol monitoring technology.

About Soberlink

Soberlink is a technology-based company that develops products to streamline and automate the alcohol monitoring process. Soberlink’s initial product holds the title of the first smartphone breathalyzer to remotely monitor a person’s blood alcohol content using wireless technology. The company was founded in 2010 and is now headquartered in Cypress, CA.

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