Soberlink Teams Up with Jason Wahler and the Red Songbird Foundation to Help Improve the Lives of Those in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

June 15, 2021
|   updated:
January 18, 2024

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.--Soberlink announces that it will be partnering with Jason Wahler and the Red Songbird Foundation to help people in recovery by offering devices and trial periods of their remote alcohol monitoring system.

“Why procrastinate when you are aware of what’s going on”

The Red Songbird Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Billboard-charting singer Hilary Roberts. In 2019, Roberts partnered with “The Hills” star, Jason Wahler to broaden the foundation’s reach and help people by providing education, outreach, resources, and treatment scholarships.

Wahler believes that Soberlink will be a great addition to the resources offered by the Red Songbird Foundation because “the more options we have available, the better chances we have to do something about the ugly disease of addiction.”

In a Q&A with Soberlink, Wahler explains how he believes Soberlink would have been a great resource in his own recovery because it provides “an additional layer of accountability. It’s a very non-intrusive process that takes less time out of your day than meeting someone face to face.”

What We Believe In

Soberlink aspires to improve the lives of those in recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder by providing a discreet system that promotes accountability and helps to rebuild trust. “I believe Soberlink is a great partner for the Red Songbird Foundation because... we want something similar,” explains Wahler. “We want individuals to be able to have the best they can... Soberlink provides an additional method that may work better for some in maintaining his or her personal program.”

Why it Matters

Data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism shows that 14.4 million adults have Alcohol Use Disorder, and of those, only 10% get treatment. Bringing the disease into the forefront through well-known figures like Jason Wahler and Hilary Roberts helps to break the stigma and encourages those in recovery to seek the help they need and deserve. We hope that providing the opportunity to help people pursue treatment and implement monitoring tools will give them that extra push to really focus on recovery. “Why procrastinate when you are aware of what’s going on,” encourages Wahler. “Really consider, does alcohol grow or shrink the one beautiful life that you have to live?”

To read the full Q&A with Jason Wahler, click here »

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