Soberlink’s Alcohol Monitoring Technology Is Giving Parents of College-Aged Students Peace of Mind

June 4, 2013
|   updated:
January 18, 2024

CYPRESS, Calif., June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Soberlink, a technology company based in Southern California, has developed a discreet, wireless breathalyzer for secure remote alcohol monitoring that is currently being sought after by parents of college-aged students. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, binge drinking is the most common form of excessive alcohol consumption in the United States. Binge drinking, defined by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as drinking four or more alcoholic drinks for women and five for men within the span of two hours, brings a person’s blood alcoholic concentration to 0.08 or above.

Among college students, binge drinking is on the rise with more than 50% of college students affirming that they drink excessively within any given two-week time period.  Over three million college students drive while intoxicated annually and more than 1,800 college students die from alcohol-related deaths, in addition to other alcohol-related injuries and consequences. For parents of college students who are making huge investments into their children’s education, these statistics can be alarming. Soberlink’s handheld device monitors sobriety by automatically sending breathalyzer results to a cloud-based website for review, increasing safety among college-aged students and providing peace of mind for their parents. Soberlink’s monitoring device has a built-in camera for user verification and cellular module for wireless transmission, and can be used for sobriety testing routinely, multiple times per day, or only on certain days of the week, depending on the parent’s preference.

According to one parent, “My child’s grades were slipping dramatically and we suspected that alcohol abuse might be playing a role.  We made the ultimatum that Soberlink had to be used or we would stop paying tuition.  Since we started using Soberlink to monitor her sobriety, her grades have improved and she confessed that drinking was contributing to her poor grades. The device has also given her an excuse with her peers when she needs a reason to refrain from drinking.”  Soberlink’s Automated Monitoring Portal stores unlimited sobriety reports and offers automated features such as text messages reminding participants to test, and direct text or email alerts sent to designated contacts upon event of a missed or positive test.

About The Company

Soberlink is a technology-based company that develops products to streamline and automate the alcohol monitoring process. Soberlink’s initial product holds the title of the first handheld breathalyzer to remotely monitor a person’s blood alcohol content using wireless technology. The company was founded in 2010 and is now headquartered in Cypress, CA. Call (714) 975-7200 or visit to learn more.

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