An Accountability Tool That Works

An Accountability Tool That Works
May 25, 2020
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I found Soberlink as a way to prove my sobriety to others. In June of 2017, I needed a way to help show my wife and family that I was no longer drinking. I found the Soberlink Cellular device to be the most convenient way to share my test results with my Recovery Circle. Every eight hours, I blew into it, and I liked that I was given convenient warnings beforehand. It allowed me to show others I was not drinking. I used the device for my first year of sobriety, and it helped me on occasions where I wanted to drink because I knew I couldn’t. I am grateful for Soberlink and their service. Follow the instructions and don’t miss tests, and you shouldn’t have a false positive or any problems with this device. I would highly recommend it if you need an accountability tool to help you get sober.

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