For the Child’s Sake

For the Child’s Sake
March 27, 2023
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After my wife was arrested and removed from the home for repeated violence against our nine yo child and me, her defense became that I was an alcoholic and constantly drunk --- that I was the child abuser, not she, and that she had only been defending herself against my drunken rages. She was convicted and denied access to the child. A year later, when granted limited unsupervised visitation, she began a steady stream of totally false alcohol allegations against me -- to the police, to state Child Protective Services, to the Guardian ad Litem, to county social service agents, and any and all mutual friends. She saw it as her pathway to 100 percent custody. Fortunately, my kid sister had previously run an in-patient rehab facility and enthusiastically pointed me to Soberlink for court-admissible documentation. I quickly signed up and began to fight back with actual data. Each successive accusation was countered with real data, every series longer and more abundant than the previous ones. My kid sister told me to make sure I blew some positive tests because I was establishing Moderation, not Abstinence, and was on Soberlink's Level 1 Parenting Time Only program. No test ever exceeded 0.025 BAC. CPS, GAL, police, and social services were all very pleased with Soberlink and its data reports. The court eventually ordered a psych eval for my ex-wife and subsequently ordered her into serious therapy. My child's mother remains under an order of limited unsupervised time. Soberlink was important in overcoming the strong pro-mother bias common in the Family Law system, and for the child's sake, it was money well spent. I also saved a bunch on attorney fees because everyone in the system respects Soberlink.

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