Keep the Streak Going

Keep the Streak Going
November 21, 2022
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I struggled with alcohol for over ten years and got myself into a position where I was about to lose my wife and two children. I purchased Soberlink without much hope and used it three times a day. I had alerts setup on the cellular version that would send the results to my wife and therapist. Within a week, I actually found myself looking forward to each test and the results it would display on the device. It brought positive reinforcement to me, knowing I was sober and knowing that my wife would know that I was sober. If I were out for the day and forgot the device when leaving the house, I would actually go back home to obtain it to ensure I kept the streak going. I cannot recommend this device enough to those needing some level of accountability in early recovery / sobriety. If it was not for this device, I do not think I would have stayed sober during those first few months, and I am so happy I found Soberlink.

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