Keeping Consistent

Keeping Consistent - Sober Story
May 6, 2024
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I struggled with self-control over my recovery. I signed up for Soberlink for a year to test 3x a day to hold myself accountable. It was at times easy and at others a pain in the you know what. After a while, the testing became second nature to respond to pre-set phone alarms every day. It ended up being rewarding to see weekly/monthly reports with overall positive progress. I now have a full year of compliant tests behind me on the journey to continued sobriety.My spouse offered I could drop to two tests a day or once a day several times. I declined, deciding to follow through with my original 3x-a-day commitment. It is this Soberlink commitment to consistently test combined with attending sober communities (SMART and Life Ring) that has made my second sobriety journey much more rewarding and has freed me from my addictive behaviors. I will not be complacent, as recovery is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Really damn hard! Those of us with addictive behaviors are fellow travelers on this journey to recovery.

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