One More Chance

One More Chance
April 21, 2020
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After another setback, a relapse, I was on my way to losing another job. My boss knew I could perform at a great level when I was sober. He wanted me to be a part of the team, but couldn’t keep me on staff if I was going to continue to drink. After doing some research, my boss said I could have one more chance – BUT… it would require 100% of sobriety, and a system to confirm my commitment. This is where Soberlink came into play. I agreed for various reasons, mainly to keep my job, but more importantly, to stay sober. I have been testing with Soberlink for two years, and have had no issues. I think there might have been a few times, in the beginning, where temptations surfaced, but knowing my position would immediately be terminated kept me focused. Without the twice-daily testing, I just might have tried to have a few drinks. It would have ended up disastrous, because one drink leads to numerous drinks, and eventually leads to a multi-day bender. I guarantee that I am happy, sober, and employed – thanks to Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring.

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