Without a Shadow of a Doubt

Without a Shadow of a Doubt
November 4, 2022
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I used Soberlink for a contentious divorce case and child custody battle. This was a new experience for me, and I was a bit leery of potential problems like false positives or the device malfunctioning leaving me in a difficult position. But that was far from the case. The device is very easy to use, gives you text messages to alert you when to test, and a reminder text in case you are at risk of missing a time to test, which saved my butt a few times - I never missed a time, thankfully. It also has facial recognition so the attorney/courts would know without a shadow of a doubt that it was me taking the test. It would even alert you if the facial recognition was too dark and for me to retest, so there were no doubts.  This was very reassuring and resulted in zero negative tests in over six months of usage. Soberlink was a valuable asset in my court case and helped in my efforts to restore the trust that I was not drinking to those that were monitoring the results. I have recommended the service to others in similar situations, and my attorney has advised the service to his other clients in similar situations. It’s a great service.

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