The Newly Updated ASAM Criteria and Soberlink’s Relevance

The Newly Updated ASAM Criteria and Soberlink’s Relevance
October 19, 2023
|   Updated:
March 31, 2024


The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria publication serves as the cornerstone for many addiction treatment providers, setting the standards for patient-centered and holistic care. The latest digital edition of The ASAM Criteria has recently been unveiled, reflecting current research and clinical best practices, emphasizing the importance of telehealth, and adopting health technologies for better patient outcomes.


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What is Soberlink? 

Soberlink, the leader in alcohol testing technology for addiction recovery, has become a trusted solution for thousands of treatment providers since its start in 2011. The testing process is user-friendly: clients simply conduct breath tests using the portable, handheld Soberlink device, which then sends the BAC results to treatment providers in real-time. This seamless interaction facilitates timely communication between clients and providers, enabling prompt interventions when necessary.

Soberlink serves as a reliable ally for treatment providers, establishing a continuous line of accountability for clients throughout their recovery journey. Its advanced technology leaves no room for deceit, ensuring the authenticity of every test. The real-time facial recognition and tamper detection features act as safeguards, reinforcing the credibility of each test.

At its core, Soberlink employs a chronic care management model that encompasses not just the initial recovery phase but extends to long-term outpatient care. This approach ensures that challenges that are faced in the recovery journey are seen as part of the healing process rather than setbacks​​. Additionally, Soberlink supports aftercare programs by providing a comprehensive continued care approach, aiding individuals in gradually regaining self-confidence and rebuilding trust within their communities​​.


The ASAM Criteria Treatment Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related, and Co-occuring Conditions book

Aligning Soberlink with the ASAM Criteria

Chronic Care Model Implementation:

Soberlink can align seamlessly with the ASAM Criteria’s emphasis on a chronic care model that fosters ongoing engagement in the treatment system. By providing a platform for continuous monitoring and support, Soberlink can aid in transitions between different levels of care, promoting a continuum-of-care approach.

Objective Evaluations:

The ASAM Criteria underscores the importance of objective evaluations in addiction treatment. Soberlink rises to this call by providing undeniable proof of sobriety through its real-time facial recognition and tamper detection technologies. This objective, verifiable data is pivotal in crafting personalized treatment plans that help with adherence to recovery programs​. 

Telehealth and Other Health Technologies:

The push towards telehealth and other health technologies in the ASAM Criteria is a nod to the digital transformation in healthcare. Soberlink’s remote recovery technology exemplifies this shift, offering features like personalized testing schedules, and AI-powered Advanced Reporting that provides a clear snapshot of alcohol testing details, all aimed at enhancing accountability in alcohol recovery​​.

Early Intervention and Secondary Prevention:

By offering a platform for consistent alcohol monitoring and support, Soberlink aids in early intervention and secondary prevention, resonating with the ASAM Criteria’s focus on these crucial aspects of addiction treatment. 


The synergy between the ASAM Criteria and Soberlink’s offerings represents a significant stride toward advancing addiction treatment. By leveraging Soberlink’s innovative technology in line with the ASAM Criteria, addiction treatment providers can be better positioned to deliver individualized, effective care, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals on their recovery journey. The fusion of technology and holistic care models is not just the future of addiction treatment; it's the present reality, helping providers to continue to pave the way for better patient outcomes and a hopeful outlook toward recovery.



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