Improving Outcomes

Studies show that clinical monitoring improves outcomes. Monitoring serves a dual purpose of measuring symptom improvement and providing support for subsequent care adjustment to reduce the likelihood of relapse. The Soberlink System gives treatment providers the opportunity to provide personalized, continuing care using modern, mobile technology. This new technology complements the traditional clinical care approach and provides clinicians with a tool to monitor progress from anywhere, at any time. For the first time, clinicians are able to stay connected with patients and manage long-term recovery to greater success.

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Partners Trust the Soberlink System

Hundreds of treatment programs are using Soberlink for clinical monitoring to
promote patient accountability and stay connected in early recovery.

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The Benefits of Clinical Monitoring

The Benefits of Clinical Monitoring

The key component of successful clinical monitoring is visibility. With Soberlink’s real-time technology, treatment providers have unprecedented access to the patient’s daily sobriety, and the opportunity to step in and make adjustments as necessary.

For the Patient

  • Stay connected with your treatment provider
  • Build accountability and structure
  • Document sobriety

For the Treatment Provider

  • Real-time assessment of treatment plan and progress
  • The opportunity to intervene if necessary
  • Peace-of-mind

“Doctors and nurses have used clinical monitoring to improve the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Soberlink’s practical technology will help clinicians also provide personalized, continuing care for alcohol use disorders.”

— Tom McLellan, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Treatment Research Institute


The Soberlink Difference

Soberlink is the gold standard when it comes to personalized continuing care for alcohol use disorders. Soberlink has been studied and recorded in many different settings by top addiction experts and treatment facilities.

Certified Soberlink Provider


A Certified Soberlink Provider (CSP) is a Treatment Professional or Treatment Program trained on best use and practices of the Soberlink System. CSPs understand the benefits of clinical monitoring, helps patients build testing protocol, establish contingencies for non-compliance, and provides frequent counseling throughout recovery.

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