How Jack Extended the Runway of Sobriety: "I trusted Soberlink because it came highly recommended from all of my clinicians in treatment."

Treatment professional recommending Soberlink to client
March 13, 2024
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March 13, 2024

Transitioning from a structured treatment environment to everyday life presents many challenges. For individuals like Jack, who began battling addiction at a young age, the return to "normalcy" is full of potential triggers and the daunting task of rebuilding trust with loved ones. The need for a supportive bridge between rehabilitation and home life is crucial. Jack's story exemplifies the impact of innovative aftercare through Soberlink, a tool recommended by his treatment professionals to maintain sobriety and rebuild relationships.


Jack's journey into sobriety was motivated by a deep desire to be present for his family and to mend the trust he had broken during his years of active addiction and decade of attempting to get sober. Despite his commitment to change, the transition from treatment back to his daily life presented many challenges. Jack reflects on the difficulties “after you get out of that treatment setting,” acknowledging the unique challenges faced by individuals whose brains “work a little bit differently than most" when they are more susceptible to addiction. The gap between the support provided in treatment and the autonomy of post-rehab life needed additional support. 


Soberlink was introduced to Jack by his treatment provider as a direct-to-client solution, designed to ease the transition with minimal disruption. “I trusted Soberlink because it came highly recommended from all of my clinicians in treatment. I know that there are a lot of other options out there, but Soberlink was always the one that was suggested to me the most,” says Jack. The device's simplicity and advanced technology allowed Jack to perform twice-daily sobriety checks, seamlessly integrating accountability into his routine. His treatment provider emphasized Soberlink's ease of use, and Jack set up his wife to receive the reports, involving her directly in his journey to maintain sobriety. "The ease of using Soberlink made everything really simple, setting it apart from the competition," Jack praised, again highlighting how it stands out as a tool for recovery.


The implementation of Soberlink in Jack's aftercare plan marked a significant turning point in his recovery and personal relationships. "Soberlink gives you the opportunity to really lengthen that runway of your sobriety," Jack shares about the device's role in extending the support and accountability that is so important in early recovery. The real-time feedback and reporting feature provided his loved ones, especially his wife, with peace of mind and tangible evidence of his commitment to sobriety. This transparency and accountability facilitated a profound improvement in Jack's relationships with his family, fostering trust, and enabling him to remain present and engaged in his recovery journey. By simply recommending Soberlink, Jack’s treatment team helped reinforce the behaviors that he learned during his time with them.


Jack's story is a reminder of how the simple introduction of technology like Soberlink can greatly benefit an individual’s recovery. By providing an extended "runway" of support post-treatment, Soberlink not only helps in maintaining sobriety, but also in healing and strengthening family bonds. For addiction treatment professionals, Jack's experience demonstrates the importance of recommending tools like Soberlink to support clients in their transition from treatment to everyday life, enhancing outcomes and enriching lives.

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