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Alcohol Monitoring Company Sets New Standard in Continued Care

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA: Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, announced its ongoing support of eight newly adopted principles for the treatment of alcohol addiction. These national principles, announced in November, have been adopted by 16 healthcare organizations ranging from Aetna and Beacon Health Options to Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna.

Derived from the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health released in late 2017, these “Eight National Principles” are designed to refocus efforts to treat alcoholism as a substance use disorder and provide a comprehensive view of treatment ranging from universal screening to personalized diagnosis. Of particular interest is the fourth principle that requires “continuing long-term outpatient care with monitoring and adjustments to treatment,” according to the report.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Receives Soberlink’s Continued Care Partner Award

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, proudly announces the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation as the first annual recipient of its Continued Care Partner Award. The Connection Program was launched by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in 2011 and has successfully served thousands of clients in early recovery by providing personalized addiction recovery coaching, monitoring and family support. Connection coaches are licensed addiction counselors trained in recovery management, relapse prevention and phone support.

Addiction Experts Publish Consensus on the Soberlink System

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – Soberlink, the leader in mobile breath alcohol detection technology, announced today its inclusion in an expert panel consensus paper about the use of remote monitoring in the clinical treatment of alcohol use disorder.

The consensus paper – written by a panel of nine alcohol use disorder treatment and research experts – was recently published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine. The paper examines the Soberlink System as a method of BAC collection and monitoring in various recovery situations. The experts concluded that remote monitoring could play a vital role in successful recovery as a method of deterrent, and a means of early detection and intervention.

The Problem with the Tostitos Bag Breathalyzer

Right around Superbowl time the commercials start running. And while warning us against drinking and driving may seem like a no brainer, some brands try to capitalize on the season of binge drinking with a gimmick.

This year, it’s the Tostitos Party Safe Bag. The tortilla chip bag comes with a built in “breathalyzer”. If alcohol is detected on your breath, the bag can even help you call an Uber. These limited edition bags will not be sold to the general public, but Frito Lay has partnered with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to provide 25,000 Uber coupon codes to consumers. The codes will be available on participating bags of Tostitos chips sold at retailers.

Landmark Surgeon General Report Finds that Monitoring is a Vital Component of Recovery

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. – The United States Surgeon General Report on alcohol, drugs, and health finds that brief intervention and monitoring – like technology offered by Soberlink, the leader in mobile-breath sobriety monitoring – can be a vital part of healthy recovery from substance use disorders.

Dr. Vivek Murthy’s Report addresses one of the largest health crises we face in America; what’s being referred to as an addiction epidemic, and proposes changes to the way we approach and care for substance use disorders. Further, the Report finds that “treatment for substance use disorders remains largely separate from the rest of health care and serves only a fraction of those in treatment.” It reads in part: