Soberlink Adds Larger Test Windows

September 11, 2014
|   updated:
December 14, 2021

Soberlink recently introduced Variable Testing Windows to their alcohol monitoring technology, which will allow monitors to increase the amount of time clients have to submit a mobile breath alcohol test.

Soberlink takes a lot of pride in designing both our products and software with the purpose of improving recovery outcomes. This addition to our Monitoring Web Portal was designed with the clients needs in mind. We understand that people have responsibilities beyond testing within their scheduled window.

Monitors are now able to set testing windows for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours. The new feature was created to permit customization for individual clients. Soberlink encourages everyone to utilize this feature for his or her clients as appropriate. Expanding to larger test windows increases convenience and practicality for traveling professionals and reduces “late” tests, thus minimizing excessive alerts.

About the Company

Soberlink is the leader in developing innovative mobile alcohol monitoring devices and software to help change behavior and promote accountability for those in recovery. Soberlink’s initial device, SL1, is the world’s first smartphone Breathalyzer. Soberlink Cellular, the second-generation device is a cellular Breathalyzer that uses an embedded cell module and camera to transmit the test result and a live photo directly to a monitoring platform. The Soberlink Bluetooth is an extension to the line of devices, offering an individual the flexibility of complying with an alcohol program by using their iPhone or iPad’s existing data plan or Wi-Fi connection to send test results. Today, Soberlink receives over 25,000 remote breath tests daily.

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