Alcohol and Parenting Time: Why Proving Sobriety is Crucial

Quality Parenting Time While Being Sober
December 2, 2021
|   updated:
July 20, 2023

Americans are drinking more heavily than a decade ago. In today’s culture, people drink to celebrate life events, calm their nerves at social functions, and unwind after a long stressful day. But as demonstrated most recently during the pandemic, an increasing number of people are also using alcohol during parenting time. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 7 million children under age 17 live with a parent who suffers from alcohol addiction.

Child custody cases can present even more of a challenge for parents who suffer from substance abuse. A pattern of alcohol abuse can damage the parent’s reputation in court, resulting in a loss of custody as well as limited or supervised visitation. Past alcohol abuse can also be used as ammunition to substantiate false claims of relapse by a non-abusing parent, especially if the parties are on bad terms with each other.

Proving sobriety is critical for protecting a child’s safety and cultivating a stable home environment. For a parent in recovery, having an accountability tool can help them resist the urge to drink during stressful situations with the knowledge that their actions will have immediate consequences. Evidence of sobriety also acts as a safety net against false claims.

Using Technology to Ensure Child Safety at Home

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Technology is all around us. It helps us communicate with loved ones, stay abreast of world news, and the ever-changing political climate, all from a single location. Remote alcohol monitoring systems like Soberlink allow parents to provide documented proof of sobriety in cases where alcohol abuse may be present or alleged. With features like real-time results, adaptive facial recognition, and tamper detection, parents can rest assured that their children are safe, further bolstering peace of mind.

Stop Addiction Before It Begins

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The impact of a parent’s alcohol misuse can be permanent, far-reaching -- and even deadly. Alcohol claims the lives of more than 95,000 people in the U.S. each year, making it the third leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Children of parents who suffer from alcohol abuse often experience unmet emotional and physical needs, making them more prone to mental health issues, including depression, Insecure Attachment Disorder, and anxiety. At no surprise, these children are four times more likely to suffer from alcohol addiction when they become adults. Soberlink’s innovative system produces and shares real-time results to a group of specified individuals, so parents are immediately notified if their child is in the presence of an intoxicated parent. This feature not only allows for swift intervention but also helps prevent the child from being exposed to a parent’s excessive alcohol consumption, decreasing the risk of physical harm in addition to any future psychological damage.

Ongoing Support for Better Child-Parent Relationships

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Alcohol is everywhere. It’s on our television screens, in our social media feeds, and greeting you at the front door at social gatherings. Waking up every morning and going out into the world can be overwhelming for those struggling to maintain sobriety. Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring system is like a trusted friend, providing accountability when and wherever a parent needs it. Unlike some other alcohol testing devices, Soberlink’s remote capabilities alleviate the need for an in-person examination so individuals can undergo testing without significant disruption to daily living or parenting time. This, in turn, gives a parent in recovery a sense of control over themselves, enabling them to create a more nurturing environment for their child. It also can help restore trust that may have broken between co-parents or parent and child resulting from alcohol abuse.

Helps Falsely Accused Parents Retain Custody

Divorces are complex, especially when children are involved. Custody negotiations can be a breeding ground for anger and contempt. In some instances, this results in false accusations against a parent. Because Soberlink’s alcohol testing device is easily accessible, parents can test as often as necessary to establish a pattern of sobriety. In addition, Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting is admissible in Family Court, where some other alcohol monitoring devices fall short. With detailed, easy-to-read reports, Family Court attorneys can quickly discredit false claims of alcohol consumption made against their clients.

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